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Since 1983, Arkitektura has been offering the finest in 20th Century Classic furniture created by several of the most accomplished architects of our time. While the furniture is designed to work well in both corporate and residential installations, it's common thread is that much honored combination of fine design and superior hand-craftsmanship. Whether designed by Eliel Saarinen, his son Eero Saarinen, Sir Edwin Lutyens, Pauli Blomsted or the noted American architect, Michael Graves, all of these furnishings share our commitment to quality and our dedication to design. More recently, we are offering classic, distinctive furnishings of our own design to complement our original products and have been pleased with the warm reception they have received. So sit back, browse our catalogue, and see for yourself why, after almost 2 decades, we are so proud of these timeless designs.


Distinctive Furnishings for home or office. Retro's French 40's, English wrought iron furniture and traditional upholstered seating. 


A collection of furniture originally designed by the celebrated Finnish architect Eliel Saarinen for his private residence at The Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills, MI as well as The Cranbrook School. Clearly demonstrates his mastery in both the Arts & Crafts and Art Deco schools of design. 


Before there was a CBS Headquarters, the St. Louis Arch, Dulles International Airport or the innovative TWA terminal at New York's Kennedy Airport, there was The Kingswood School. It was here, at the tender young age of 19 that Eero Saarinen first demonstrated his natural gift for fine design. His furniture, while rooted in a sense of tradition by its construction, used a variety of color to impart modernity. This subtle ability to marry tradition and modernity is the early hallmark of his fledging genius. That the original products are still in use demonstrate that they are still structurally sound, comfortable and visually fresh - A testament to the timeless appeal of Saarinen's designs. 


Based on designs by Sir Edwin Lutyens. 


Recognized as one of our country's leading contemporary American architects, Michael Graves has continued to distinguish himself with both residential and corporate commission, most notable being his work for The Walt Disney Company. With the Kyoto Collection, Mr. Graves began to establish himself with notable interiors as well. Impressed with simple forms and proportions - a notion that the Japanese have perfected over the centuries, according to the architect, Mr. Graves designed this collection in 1990 exclusively for Arkitektura. The simple, basic forms lend themselves to a multitude of color options to compliment any decor. 


This "Post Deco" Collection is yet another example of how architecture can predict future, popular styles. Although radical at the time Mr. Blomsted created his furniture, it truly showed a glimpse of the future. Having emerged as the leading theorist of the 1930's "Funkis" movement, Blomsted stressed the need to combine and balance all elements of his day - those of industrial mass-production and the requirements of small residential environments, while respecting the functional, artistic whole. More than six decades after their creation and his own passing, the Post Deco Collection continues to impress us with its clean, timeless grace. 


Tired of all of those unattractive, mass produced and overpriced lamps that you constantly see at the same showrooms? So are we. With frustration in mind, and value in our heart, we decided to manufacture a distinctive and affordable line of fine lighting. From Giacometti and English Star chandeliers, to finished finials and graceful Graves, you will find our lighting selection both attractive and impressive. 

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